What is Information Security for Executives Course

This course is designed to offer both theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for effectively navigating a company through an information security crisis. We equip participants with the necessary insights and hands-on experience to manage significant cybersecurity incidents, including but not limited to ransomware attacks, insider threats, and the exposure of confidential information.

The "Information Security for Executives" course is tailored for senior executives of large corporations, as well as owners and senior managers of medium-sized enterprises. The program begins with a comprehensive theoretical foundation, which is then applied practically through a simulated exercise. In this scenario, participants assume roles within a crisis management team, confronting a formidable threat that jeopardizes the survival of their organization. Our training focuses on teaching participants the critical questions to ask, the optimal timing for inquiries, the most effective communication strategies, and techniques for eliciting accurate information, enabling informed decision-making.

Course Curriculum

This course is structured into a morning session focused on theory and an afternoon session dedicated to practical application. The morning session covers:

  • Aligning on terms and approaches of Information Security, Risk Management and Incident Response
  • Essential prerequisites for effective incident management
  • Identifying critical knowledge areas and recognizing unnecessary information
  • Optimal timing for intervention
  • Developing effective communication tactics with team members, as well as with employees, clients, and the public
  • Defining essential roles for crisis management

In the afternoon, participants engage in a hands-on exercise that simulates a targeted cyber-attack on their organization. This practical session allows participants to apply their theoretical knowledge in a controlled environment, enhancing their preparedness for real-world incidents.

We can customize the course to suit your company's specific needs if you attend as a single entity; both theoretical and practical sessions can be adapted to align with your organization's maturity level and operational context.

Our value

Besides gaining crucial skills for guiding a company through an information security crisis, participants will also enjoy a variety of advantages from this course:

  1. Expert Instruction: Receive instruction from industry veterans with over two decades of expertise in information security, ensuring high-quality training and guidance.
  2. Real-world Applications: Acquire hands-on knowledge about the dynamics of cyber threats, adversary motivations, and the capabilities of your team.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Engage with fellow professionals and industry experts, creating invaluable networks for future collaborations and knowledge exchange.
  4. Regulatory Compliance: Stay abreast of new EU regulations that mandate regular education and training for executives in information security.

Security for Executives

Comprehend the fundamentals of cybersecurity crises, understand what questions to ask and why, and train your preparedness.


  • 1 day
  • on site in Prague, Czechia, or at your company premises
  • theoretical preparation and practical exercise

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