What is PACS Bypass Course

Participants will explore the complexities of Physical Access Control Systems (PACS), including elements such as PACS tokens, RFID credentials, readers, alarm interfaces, tamper switches, door controllers, and globally utilized backhaul protocols. The course provides an in-depth look at modern access control systems, emphasizing typical design vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

Penetration testers will acquire hands-on skills in navigating real-world PACS environments, mastering techniques for intercepting, cloning, downgrading, replaying, and circumventing these systems. Meanwhile, defenders, system designers, and administrators will learn critical defensive strategies and best practices to safeguard against attacks.

Course Curriculum

Our team is diligently preparing the course curriculum. Please check back soon for updates.

PACS Bypass Course

Uncover the vulnerabilities in physical access systems and learn how to leverage these weaknesses.


  • 2 days
  • on site in Prague, Czechia
  • tools available

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